COTL’s Mandarin service was established since 1911 when a missionary of the C.E.Z., Miss Apple embarked on the idea of organizing a mission for the HengHua speaking Chinese in Singapore. The late Rev. Canon Guok Koh Muo, was its first priest and Vicar. There are currently two services under the Chinese ministry; the Mandarin and Hokkien service, 150 and 50 members respectively.

In its efforts for outreach, the Mandarin Choir Group goes on regular evangelistic mission trip and holds Christmas outreach yearly to share the gospel to families, friends and the neighborhood.

Fellowship lunch was also organized weekly after service to minister to many broken families and people whom were hurt. Through this, many were ushered into God’s Kingdom.

The congregation witnessed the growth of the new immigrants from China in our services and this spurred our members to evangelize more fervently so that people can come to know our Lord Jesus Christ. The Word of God had been preached and we feel the Spirit of God moving freely in the midst of His people.

2022 大斋期 – 章剑文主教大斋期的勉励