The Tamil congregation started True Light For Asia, (TLFA), India in the year 2004 to reach out to the perishing souls in India. For the past 12 years, TLFA reached out to many Indians through preaching, teaching and act of kindness ministry.

TLFA worked among the various classes of people especially the poor, rejected, orphans and widows. TLFA educates hundreds of needy village children, and reach out to the poor through hospital feeding, distribution of tracts, Bibles and other Christian literature.

Hundreds of children were supported financially, spiritually and physically. To raise the status of the women of the society, TLFA helps them to become financially independent by providing tailoring machines, and financial help to start small scale businesses. Many Indians live below the poverty line, TLFA provides free food at many of the government hospitals and old age homes in India and gives financial support to many terminally sick poor people to buy medicine.

Thousands of English, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi Bibles were distributed all over India. Many pastors were trained and churches were built to reach out to the thousands of unreached villages in India. Currently, TLFA has about 100 full time students going through training in Masters and Bachelors’ degrees.

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