The English Congregation identifies Thailand and Cambodia as their mission grounds. Missionaries were sent out to Cambodia and Thailand throughout the years and yearly mission trips were organized to support the missionaries and their missions in these two countries.

Thailand August 2018

Dear friends and family,

We are already in the second half of the year! Have you felt challenged in the past few months? Is there any area in your life that God is revealing a need to change? God has been challenging me through my Bible teaching preparations and now I have mid-year resolutions made!

Personally, some of the past few weeks have been challenging to me in terms of schedule, workload and responsibilities. This led to a buildup of frustration in me. And as I was preparing to teach the book of James, I came across this question in my notes: "Do your actions reflect what you believe in?" My immediate answer at that point was 'NO!" I had expressed my frustration against others in irritability, impatience and cynicism! How would that reflect what I believe in? Is God an irritable and impatient God? It was a hard lesson to learn. James was very clear in his writing that we are to be doers of the word, who act, and not hearers only. (James 1:22, 25)

This is something that I want to choose to work on. Do my actions reflect the character of God? What character of God is revealed through my actions? These are questions that I now try to ask myself when I struggle in the choice of action in my response. And this is what I want to encourage you with as well! Let us all be a good testimony of Christ wherever we are! Make this your mid-year resolution too!

May the God of peace ... equip you with everything good that you may do his will, working in us that which is pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever! (Hebrews 13:20-21)

Thailand August 2018

Study of the book of James

In this month of August, we celebrate Singapore's independence as a nation. Many of us are praying for transformation and revival in the country. We trust God to accomplish His purposes as we uphold our nation in prayer. We also trust God to accomplish His purposes as we intercede for the nations around us!

This is an article that I contributed to a local Christian media platform about the recent cave rescue incident that took place in Maesai:
This is the just the surface of the true spiritual condition of this nation. As of now, eleven boys have been ordained as novice monks and the coach a monk in a temple. The only Christian youth in the twelve worshipped and gave thanks in his church while the Christians in the city of Chiangrai gathered a second time for a time of prayer and thanksgiving. As the attention of the world dwindles, and other news take the spotlight, we cannot let our guard down. Not for Thailand nor any other nation! Let us continue to unite in prayer for all nations! 

School of Biblical Studies 2018

The first semester of the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) ended on the first week of July. We are now in the second semester and heading towards completion of all the books of the New Testament by mid-August! The students are doing well despite the intensity of the school and are continuing to push and persevere through the assignments and deadlines! Pray with us for strength and for extra boosts of energy as some days can feel long and tiring with readings and assignments!

Teaching and translating for the SBS

Shan Ministry Update

It is such a joy to be back here helping out in the ministry monthly and during special activities. This is a new generation of kids, from as young as 3-4 years to 13 years of age. Most of them are new faces to me and I sure am looking forward to making new friendships with them! There are other kids that have grown up since my first couple of years serving with this ministry and they are now approaching their early teens! Time really flies!

God is indeed faithful! This ministry has reached out to and helped many since it first begin. The first batch of children are now in their mid-twenties! God continues to lead new children and families into the ministry and He continues to provide for the ministry as well! Pray that God will continue to send workers and partners with a heart for this ministry to carry on the work in this area! Pray for the seeds of the gospel to take root in these young hearts!

Kids' camp hosted by a Singaporean team from Bukit Panjang Gospel Chapel

Helping out at the regular Kids' Club

Shan youths with the Singaporean team

Prayer Request


  • To be intentional in being a doer of the word in the community and with the people around me
  • To take initiative in building relationships with the people around me and in doing all I can "in love"
  • To be self-disciplined in time management especially with setting aside time with God, and with school and base responsibilities

Ministry - School of Biblical Studies

  • God's joy and strength for staff and students as we continue to journey through the Bible together
  • For divine insight and understanding of the Bible as I study and prepare for teachings
  • For new and deeper application of the Word of God personally in my life
  • For deeper grasp and understanding of the Thai language as I work on Thai-to-English translation in the school and grade assignments in Thai

Shan Ministry in Mae Sai

  • Thanksgiving for God's faithfulness in the Shan ministry all these years and His continuing providence for the ministry
  • For open hearts in which a good Biblical foundation will take root and bear fruit in the kids' lives
  • For God to stir up hearts of workers and partners to support this ministry in whatever way they can - prayer, interns, finances, English teacher, mission teams etc.

On the way home after kids' camp!

For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also faith apart from works is dead. ~ James 2:26

Let us then be of one heart and one mind to work together and encourage one another to put our FAITH INTO ACTION!

Love and blessings, Lynnette